We are Medical Stop-Loss Specialists

Self-insuring group health plans is a well-established and increasingly attractive strategy for employers to manage comprehensive benefit plans while more effectively controlling costs. We understand consulting with and advising clients on the challenging and changing benefits world is time consuming and complex. Time matters, so leave the stop loss to Stop Loss Insurance Services and enjoy the comfort of knowing you have secured the best possible array of products and services for your self-funded clients.

We help benefit professionals improve service, renew current customers and sell more new business and our clients say SLIS is a valued partner because we also provide:

  • Preferred access to the leading stop loss carriers
  • Competitive premium rates, terms and conditions
  • Unmatched technical expertise and focus
  • Complementary products, services and solutions that mitigate the impact of high-cost claims
  • Seamless transition from fully insured to self-funded plan structure
  • Effective claims management insight and advocacy

Our business segment expertise covers employee groups ranging from 25 to 25,000, in diverse fields including technology, healthcare, public entities, academia, unions, Taft-Hartley plans and nonprofits. Our stop loss professionals can support and negotiate coverage for any employer considering the transition to self-funding. We provide innovative solutions for “difficult to place” cases.