COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

Currently all COVID-19 testing and treatment would be covered as any other illness covered under the plan doc. If a group wishes to extend expanded coverage (i.e. 100% coverage for testing) we will require a formal plan amendment for our files.


At this time we are accepting written notification of the Groups intent followed by a fully executed plan amendment regarding cost sharing expenses. We are allowing extra time for these plan amendments to be fully executed.

Furloughs and Actively-at-Work

Plan members considered Actively-at-Work the day prior to temporary closure of a business premises will be considered Actively-at-Work.  We will honor employers offering continued eligibility to a plan member who is quarantined and not actively at work.  Employees must return to work immediately following a quarantine period in order to continue active at work status.  In the event they do not return to work, we would expect the Plan to follow all normal plan language related to continuation of coverage.