Plan Amendments

In the event that a covered plan wishes to amend their plan in response to the
    COVID-19 virus in one or more of the following ways:

  1.  Waive deductibles, co-pays and cost sharing related to testing covered participants for COVID-19
  2.  Waive pre-authorization requirements for treatment of infected individuals
  3.  Allow a one-time early refill of all maintenance medications to ensure that covered participants have a 30-day supply
  4.  If in-network access for COVID-19 testing is not available, then the plan may pay the out-of-network claims as if the lab was in-network
  5.  In the event that an immunization becomes available, it will be covered at 100% as any other preventive immunizations

We will allow these costs to apply under our stop loss policy provided only that we receive written confirmation from the plan as to the plan’s intent to cover one or more of these costs.  Please direct these written confirmations or any questions about additional changes to your SLIS representative.  None of these revisions will result in a change to the stop loss rates and factors.